Embrace The Rose That You Are

Simply embrace the ambiguity of your being, instead of trying to shape and mold it according to your image of what it should be or that of another.

A total acceptance of oneself as it is “right now”, and with that comes the gift of humility to accept every other soul as they are in all their ambiguity and paradoxes.

It is only pride and shame that makes us ignorant of the truth we always are.

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Spells for Casting Light And Shadow.

I AM, The Eternal Torch of Light Everlasting.

I AM, The Infinite Night and Void All Outlasting.

I AM. Love Ineffable No Judgment Ever Casting.
Love casts no light where there is meant to be shadow and casts no shadow where there is meant to be light. Love casts nothing.

To cast is used also in the context of casting a spell. And when you cast spells or have spells cast on you, they say you are spellbound, mesmerized, enchanted. And to be mesmerized or enchanted implies your perception is no longer perceiving reality, but a distortion of it.

Most people live in Duality wishing to be the light absent of shadows, while thinking themselves to be shadows in search of learning how to cast light.

Non-Duality is the space where one realizes that Light and Shadow are the same force. They are the outer extremities of Love, simply at different points in the spectrum. Just as Hot and Cold are inseparable from one another and both are simply different ends of the spectrum of temperature.
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The Cathedral of Eternity: Chaos, Synchronicity, and the Technology of Magic

By Tony Vigorito

(A version of the following essay was published in the book, Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness.)

From imploding economies to hurricanes and tsunamis, from astounding corruption to war and terrorism, from catastrophic climate change to thermonuclear weapons in the Middle East, the clichés of doom that lately populate the course of human events is more than enough to tilt a sane citizen into apocalyptic anxiety. Perhaps I paint too broad a stroke on it, but I’m nonetheless going to venture to say that worrying about civilizational collapse is like worrying about whether or not one’s relationship will end in a painful breakup. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve spent some time worrying about both of these things—one of them even came to pass—and I can testify that no amount of worry could have prepared me for the agony, and the ecstasy, that eventually came of it.

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