Nature is my passion. Since my childhood Mother Nature and all her wonders, miracles and mysteries touch me on a deep level. I’ve always loved observing how nature works, animals communicate and people live.

For the past few years I’ve started to more consciously observe my own thoughts, emotions and everything around me, which has allowed me to find a deeper meaning : discovering who I really am deep within.

As a therapist I work with children of all ages, encouraging them to go beyond any limitations and to find their autonomy and independence in daily life through different activities. I believe that everybody can ‘heal’ by doing what they love.

Myself, I enjoy being creative. Arts of all kinds : drawings, crafts, music, yoga, dancing, horseriding, silversmithing, cooking, writing, basketery, … and whatever feels right for every moment 🙂 You can find  our Art here .

Love and Blessings

‘ She was asked what she was going to do with her life

And she knew inside deeply…

She knew that this feeling could not be understood with words

It wasn’t an idea, a precise plan or a profession that she wanted to share

It wasn’t something that somebody would expect…

It was deeper than the tree roots to the ground,

It was as infinite as the sky

It was like a dancing leaf in the wind

Burning inside like fire

It was a deep knowing of her shining soul

A deep trust and unconditional love.

She wasn’t here to accomplish something

For she knew…

And appreciated the gift of LIFE.

The present moment.’