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Project Summary

Mystic Raven Creations, Underground Art and Esoteric Magazine

This project is organized and supported by the Mystic Raven Creations Team, which include Sharudatti, iXe and Amithabha. (Find out more about the entire Team:

The main goal is to create a magazine with content featuring artists spread around the entire country and surrounding area. The secret writer, the hidden painter, and all the other strange and unique souls that often never dare to expose their works, due to lacking funding, lacking a platform etc.

Another interesting aspect of our idea is that the magazine is going to be multi-lingual! English, German and French will be the accepted languages for all work and content that is featured.

We also wish to feature all the different independent and alternative businesses and services that are being offered in the area. From Spirituality, to Healing, to Self-Sufficiency, and support those individuals and groups that are taking greater responsibility for their own life, by making them visible to the public.

We strive to create a magazine, that is meant to empower and enliven all those gifted souls hidden away, not able to share their gifts and talents with the world.

Are you a practitioner of a certain spiritual, magical system? Are you a lover of exploring the realms of consciousness? Are you the weird painter who never fit in? Or the witty artist that knows no limits and boundaries, but transgresses willfully beyond such things just to see what happens or comes of it? Are you the gardener who has a love for the earth and a passion to bring awareness to our modern destructive practices? Are you the one discovering self-sufficiency and independence, wishing to share the empowerment? Are you the mystic who simply sees deeper than what most wish to see, wishing to teach that clarity to others?

We are seeking to find all of you strange souls out there and bring you back into the eye of the public, so that we may slowly transform the stagnation of culture that is taking place.

Culture is a growing, transforming thing and it should transform with it the relations and connections of all beings. Our High-Tech culture has superficially connected us so greatly yet at the same time disconnected us on a much more profound and deep level, so much so that we have become souls living in our own bubble and dream, seeing even today racism, judgment, intolerance and hierarchy in every facet of society.

This is a publication that is meant to crown each woman and man their own King and Queen and to realize every soul is royalty and nobility of beautiful divinity.

This is not meant to be a project that benefits us, but one that benefits the entire collective consciousness of those coming in touch with it.