Embrace The Rose That You Are

Simply embrace the ambiguity of your being, instead of trying to shape and mold it according to your image of what it should be or that of another.

A total acceptance of oneself as it is “right now”, and with that comes the gift of humility to accept every other soul as they are in all their ambiguity and paradoxes.

It is only pride and shame that makes us ignorant of the truth we always are.

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What does it mean to be totally honest with yourself?


Being honest, is letting go of all inner fights.
It is taking time to dive in, and feel every moment what feels right.
‘Right’ not in terms of what is generally believed as good, but what your heart confirms.
It is not to believe anything, no matter who says it, unless your own experience affirms.
Even if it means that sometimes you’ll have to admit ‘you don’t know’.
Setting yourself free by simply letting go.
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-Art by Sharudatti

Sitting in the vortex of change
The mind’s hoping that things rearrange

But truth is, change is the only constant in life
It’s a powerful tool for you in the heart to deeply dive

When you see that trying to hold on or analyze
Is holding your Self back to enter in paradise

Sometimes you may feel disoriented like there is nothing to grasp
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Creative fire

Every young child enters the school very intelligent/creative – but it is quite rare that a person comes out of graduation or university and is still open and creative…

Yes you come with degrees, but you have purchased those degrees at a great cost: you have lost your creativity, you have lost your joy, movement, you have lost the magic of life, because you have suppressed the functioning of the right-side hemisphere (creative, open, curious side). Continue reading Creative fire