Have You Heard the Philosophy? or, Encountering the Buddha in Disguise

By Tony Vigorito

Last weekend, a gentleman on Valencia Street blockaded my path, demanding, “Have you heard the philosophy?” The pointedness of his question paused me, and though I resumed upon my way once I’d gathered that his bloodshot eyes were pickled in alcohol, I couldn’t help wondering what timeless wisdom I’d hurriedly declined.

What if, for example, I had just disregarded the Philosopher’s Stone, that alchemical magic that can turn any lie into light? Or what if I had just summarily dismissed the Buddha, cleverly disguised as an aggressive drunk? If that’s the case, then the Buddha is much too derivative in his approach to the Hare Krishna who once accosted me with his loaded question of “Did you get your book yet?” while thrusting said book into my hand. Worse, it all puts me in mind of a Bible-thumping campus preacher I once overheard, whose last words as I wandered out of earshot were, “If you would just listen to me! Continue reading Have You Heard the Philosophy? or, Encountering the Buddha in Disguise

“Inspiring Darkness” to “Exhaling Light”.

Sometimes we feel we are riding on a wave of darkness or depression and try to fight it.
But It is when we ride that wave without resistance allowing ourselves to feel the pain, that when we express it, put it on paper, make music, some form of art, we learn to transform that feeling that depression into a work of beauty.

Songs with melancholy, sadness, anger, frustration, depression speak to us at a much deeper level, for they are made from a feeling heart imbued with no resistance or judgment for the feeling, yet by allowing the vulnerability, creates the fuel to work that darkness into a beautiful creation.

It becomes our inspiration. We inspire darkness to exhale light

Continue reading “Inspiring Darkness” to “Exhaling Light”.

Dead Weight and Weightless Life.

The Differences are becoming less Different, yet at the same time more contrasted and saturated.

Who I am? Left a mystery, unnecessary, every definition but a worthless comparison to another.

Emptiness, nothingness all pervading, the sea of emotions meaningless, but simply clouds passing in a vast sky.

Eternity is all that seems to be.
Infinite Space, is the place where I can see I always be. Continue reading Dead Weight and Weightless Life.

Alphabet (2013) Documentary

All parents out there, when your kid seems to have “problems” in his education, don’t blame your kid.

A documentary that analyzes the modern educational system and argues that it squelches children’s capacity for imagination, creativity, and independent thought.

Here a small warm up of 3 minutes of good comedy on education. To start on a less serious-note before watching the Documentary, which is at the bottom of this post!

Seeking The Place of Seeking

We see ourselves as Beings in Time.

But what if you were Time being or the very Being-ness of Time?

What if in Truth you are the Present Moment.

You are the “Now”. It is where you are, who you are and when you are.

You are the Present. You are the Gift.

What a joke isn’t it? A beautiful lovely joke, utter madness it might sound to some. Continue reading Seeking The Place of Seeking