Angels Purgatory

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An old earth soul speaking to a younger incarnate one new to the earth experience.

Old Soul: Hey Kid, quit whining around! You’re a young soul aren’t you?

There is no point in crying about how the state of the world makes you feel down. Let me break it to you boy, this is hell! And I mean it literally, we are the fallen angels.

Pauses, Takes a Huge drag from his spliff rolled with a collection of papers craftfully constructed to increase every dimension of the joint as much as possible.

Now, one more thing to clear up, it is not the things you do that make you bad here, it is how you do them. If you do them behind lies and excuses, you will transform into a demon of yourself, if you do them truthfully daring to stand in what you know in your heart as the naked truth, courageous and strong, you will rise to greater heights, than any angel has flown.

This is the womb of angels. This is the place dead angels are born into, to finally meet their adversary of the light face to face, their fight will be a fight with their own reflection, their judgment no matter how seemingly righteous will be their own downfall.

Here beings come to become an infinite polar being of truth. Beings that house within themselve a fractal of this universe, pitch black void and nothingness intermingling with infinitely, blinding light burning boundlessly.

But the path to truth is one of many excuses. For it is our following a path that is our biggest excuse. Pretending truth is something foreign to us. Something that is known by finding it out. Something that must be got to. When Truth is that which always is known, never is got to and is always got, never needs finding out for it is not hidden, and it is not foreign for it is in fact the truth of you.

Truth is Perception. You perceive the truth of yourself in every moment, to be it takes no effort, no thought in reflection to weigh the odds in advance, no distortion to soften or like a snake slither what needs be said carefully about.

Truth is revealed moment to moment. Truth is when you speak what you feel, truth is you do what you feel, truth is you feel what you feel.

A lie is every time “you say you feel good” when in fact “you feel really not okay” .

A lie is every time you act completely against what you feel, and force yourself to make an excuse either to yourself or to the other to act on your feeling or disengage from your feeling.

I do not feel like going out tonight even though I said I would probably go with my friends. I force myself to go because I make the excuse that if I do not go they will maybe be hurt or feel like I let them down. This is lying to yourself.

I do not go but I call my friends and tell them a lie about why I am not going out with them tonight, invent some bullshit excuse to lie to them to make it look as if an emergency only stopped you from going.

This is lying to others(and yourself, cause you know its a lie and tell it anyway, every lie is a lie to oneself)

So pay attention how many times you lie, knowing now a lie is also every excuse you create to not act on how you feel or to do so but at the same time sabotage it by adding a lie to it.

So lets all suck it up, hell is where we are born in and it is we who have created it by standing in front of our own mirror lying to our own face every bit of truth we ever had away. lie by lie day by day.

-The Ravenking


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