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Every young child enters the school very intelligent/creative – but it is quite rare that a person comes out of graduation or university and is still open and creative…

Yes you come with degrees, but you have purchased those degrees at a great cost: you have lost your creativity, you have lost your joy, movement, you have lost the magic of life, because you have suppressed the functioning of the right-side hemisphere (creative, open, curious side).

What have you learned? Information, memory, you can repeat, reproduce, vomit all that has been thrown into you.

They make you believe that you are intelligent if you can swallow information and vomit it – even without questioning or digesting it.

On your certificate is written: you are worthy, you are not lost in life, you have structure, you are rich, you have something others don’t have… First it’s breaking you and then it’s ego-pushing.

The moment people believe this, they become lost in ideas and concepts, they put themselves above others, they become rigid, repetitive, never question their own thoughts and never try something new. They stay in the known, in habit, on a comfortable paved way, where no flowers are growing – where the magic of life cannot unfold.

Some may earn lots of money, but they are poor. Poor of creativity, their mind rules and their heart is shut down.

They ignore their passions in order to fit in, they don’t want to risk their image to fade away. They fear the unknown and stay in the intellect, as if the whispers of your heart could misguide you!

Cold, structured, uncurious and distracted – blind. And then we ask ourselves why our bodies get so sick…

More joy has to be brought to the schoolroom – more dance, more song, more poetry, more art, more intelligence, more creativity, more passion, more nature, more true meaning, more consciousness, more LIFE.

Dependence on memory has to become less important, we are HERE & NOW.

Every moment is new – full of limitless possibilities.
When someone responds in a new way, it should be considered. No right or wrong answers. No one is better or worse.
More love, less ego.

It would be too easy and arrogant to blame others or society for the situation we are living in. Becoming conscious of these conditionings is an invitation to shine your light into the world. Not fighting the old, but creating the new.  Not judging, but loving.

Drop your limitations, open your heart and let life flow through you.
Be totally honest with yourself and others. Bathe in silence and let miracles happen. Listen to the whispers of your heart.
Every second is here to choose.

How you respond to your surroundings in daily life makes a difference. Dare to be in life wholeheartedly and with all your passion and your unique touch.


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