The dark gift of women

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Have you ever asked yourself why mostly WOMEN were burnt down during the ‘witch-hunt’ ? Have you ever asked why it is that our society is pushing and brainwashing mostly girls and women in a very strong way ? Why is it all about suppressing females ? Why do you see mostly either weak model-complexed-self-judging chicks or masculinized-ego-pushed woMEN ?

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if women would reconsider themselves, embrace their dark and bright sides, if they would totally step into their power ? What would happen if a circle of women would shine their creative and intuitive power in this world ? What if they stopped self-analysing, self-judging, and pointing to the mirror all the time ? What if they stopped comparing, and just be what they really are ? What if they didn’t care what others think about them ? What if she didn’t blame herself anymore for her mistakes, but be happy that she’s so honest. What if she stopped shrinking – or making herself big, but just decided to be true and authentic. True to her feelings, true to her intuition, true to her heart. N-O M-A-T-T-E-R W-H-A-T!

Oh what courage does it take to be a free woman! It does not mean to take the masculine aspects of the world (which are distorted by society too), but to open your heart so deeply that the unbelievable happens. Open your heart, to the light and the shadows and everything in between.

Let your life be the unique expression of your heart. LET your heart shine so strong that no lies can survive. Like the sun, burn it down. Like the moon, face your own darkness. What happen on the ‘moon days’? Women bleed – every month. Oh what a shame how they taught us as girls, that this is something to hide and something that really ‘sucks’. No, it shows the strength of the woman(female) body, it shows her wildness, it shows herself her dark side, the magical aspect of herself. It reminds women to get grounded and to listen to their bodies. It makes them even more sensitive to their surroundings. In tribes, women gather and leave during their periods and the men know, that when they come back – something changes. They bring the wisdom of Mother Earth, they are the ones to bring allowance and space to those who need it, but they are also the ones who have the power to break even the physically strongest men/biggest lies in little pieces. This is done in deep love, not in a regardless destructive way.

The witches knew the ‘dark gift’ of the women. We have a natural relationship to life’s wholeness- we are whole- the Earth is whole. She knows that everything is connected, not with the knowledge that comes alone from the mind, but from the deep knowing that belongs to life itself, to the cells of her body. Wise women, called witches, have faced their inner darkness that we are now afraid to see. Why are we afraid? Because we have been told to be the soft and powerless ones. Oh, the ones with no animalic hair covering the body, the ones with an-apple-a-day-diets so that we stay weak, the ones with chick-drama about physical appearance and men, the ones with only bright shiny sides, the one who is not perfect how she is. And some men feel very proud and powerful about the fact that they are stronger, they have the muscles, the deep voice and can shut their heart to kill innocent beings for money and play nasty games as the ‘big novel people of the world’.

This is not meant to write against men, but to open the eyes of the blind. Not in a judging way. ENOUGH JUDGING. More and more men are becoming aware and balanced in their way. But where are the women? ENOUGH FEAR. We are so powerful, that even fire could not burn our soul.

Where are the elephant-moms who get angry when someone wants to touch their baby? Where are the lion-females who are hungry for real food? Where are the cats that fight when they have enough of playing around? Where are the soft, beautiful and good smelling roses with thorny stems? Where are the witches to cast their spell in this chaos? Where are you and me in all this? Where is your uniqueness in this world? Where is your wildness? Where is the passion? DO YOU FEEL ALIVE?

Women have the potential to give birth, to create in so many ways. Just look at Mother Earth! Sensual, beautiful by nature, grounded, untamed, pure love, unpredictable, powerful. We have this hidden substance, the sacred substance of creation. You may sense its presence in the seductive power of your sexuality, but this is only a small part of its magic…

Oh you are going to get surprised, what happens – when women rediscover their true power. And they will. They are right now. So be it. And so it is.


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