Dead Weight and Weightless Life.

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The Differences are becoming less Different, yet at the same time more contrasted and saturated.

Who I am? Left a mystery, unnecessary, every definition but a worthless comparison to another.

Emptiness, nothingness all pervading, the sea of emotions meaningless, but simply clouds passing in a vast sky.

Eternity is all that seems to be.
Infinite Space, is the place where I can see I always be.

“I am” my sole/(soul) joy and ecstasy .
What else should I ever need? What else should I wish to be?
But “being” itself in all its infinity?
Where to go when I have become Destination?
When “Here” is where I´ll ever be?
I guess I shall wait here and now and let the world come to me.
For I am going nowhere, staying now, here. In unchanging ever expanding changes.
With the Seeming appearance of new and different places.
Yet Always Here never There.
“There” has gone or hasn’t come, when it does it is but Here.

Past and Future, you pretty lies.
A trick of smoke and mirror.
Here is always Here.
Now is always Now.
The Differences are becoming less different.
The Changes are less me changing.

Just killing every story I had made up to be me.
Leaving only that “I am” and I am “Here” to simply be.
Completely filled to brim with love for being and yet so empty “nothing” being.
So strange this state, so odd to be peak and valley all at once.
Polarized by emptiness beyond all meaning, with love overflowing for the joy of being.

Madness, this must be. Drunk from the divine wine. Whose sip I can´t remember taking. But it is slowly all I thought to be me burning away and from me taking.

Oh what insanity, to find and discover the meaninglessness of meaning, and the meaning of meaninglessness.

Eternity and Infinity the eternal abode that can´t be left or lost.
And yet we decided the entrance is barred unless paid with high cost.
No cost is needed, except that you must die.
Or rather The Cost is Lower Than the Price.

Kill the Me that decorated your I / Eye. And there remains simply “Being” as vast as the infinite sky.

Trade in the Finite for the Infinite.
Trade in the Mortal for the Immortal.
Trade the Small Me for the Great I.
Trade that which changes and dies, for the unchanging that never dies.

Become Empty and you’ll Become Full.
Empty of Dead Weight and Filled with Weightless Life.

-Amithabha Raven

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