Embrace The Rose That You Are

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Simply embrace the ambiguity of your being, instead of trying to shape and mold it according to your image of what it should be or that of another.

A total acceptance of oneself as it is “right now”, and with that comes the gift of humility to accept every other soul as they are in all their ambiguity and paradoxes.

It is only pride and shame that makes us ignorant of the truth we always are.

We are proud of our “good” pure qualities yet try to transcend that which we deem as negative or bad in us.

But that struggle is pointless, no matter how pure one becomes, one becomes ever more impure in how impure life becomes to ones perception, and the more things there suddenly are to change with that perception of apparent impurity in the world as it is.

If we embraced our ambiguity and our self as it is, not trying to change our ego or personality, it will no longer go into its extremes of pride and shame, but will flower in true individuality that is not restricted by any concept of good or bad. It will be restricted by no concept whatsoever.

We are perfection learning to live in apparent imperfection.

We are not imperfection striving for some idea of perfection or purity.

This existence is divine from the homeless man on the street to Donald Trump sitting on his grand throne of luxury and excess.

He who no longer tries to be a saint nor is afraid of being a sinner, is free.

He who can embrace his “good” and apparent “bad” qualities or tendencies and live them out to the fullest without reflecting on it all the time or defining it, will become the living masterpiece they were meant to be.

For the heart has no reason for the choices that it makes, it is simply our judgment of those choices that creates the greatest struggle and conflict, and turns the world into a place that needs to be fixed and changed and where oneself needs to be fixed and changed. Where the need for that comes from our simple inability to be truthfully both the good and bad that we are honestly in every moment. TO show our true face in every situation instead of being two-faced depending on situation.(or many-faced even….) To be what one isn’t in a moment, or being in effort to be something specific depending on how one judges the situation.

For the True Face contains all facets of life, all roles that can be played, but it becomes not the act nor does it wear a mask or finds reason for his act, but simply acts spontaneously without giving it a second thought, without judging it right or wrong. If you feel sad, feel sad, don’t feel sad about the fact you are feeling sad. or feel annoyed about feeling sad, or feel that you shouldn’t be feeling sad. The reality is feeling sad. The illusion is every feeling and thought about it that judges it right or wrong.

Allow yourself what you feel like and enjoy it as it is, it need not have a reason why. Whether it is seen by others as good or bad. If you feel like laughing, let the laugh erupt. If you feel like a piece of chocolate or a cigarette, don’t find reasons to make it right or wrong. Trust the movements, both our bad and good qualities are not permanent, yet all lead us into places that contain precious jewels.

Accept what you like and don’t like, feel free to live whatever arises and be in each moment the truth of what you feel. Not what you feel you should feel. not what you think you should think, not what you believe you should be.

But be what you are as it arises in each moment. Things will come and go of their own accord. Some things will go and never appear again, somethings go and return again and again. Some things stay for only a day, somethings seem to never go away. It is as it is, and what is is perfect as it is. Just by being.

When we are what we are, we no longer feel like we are doing, but doing is happening just as life is happening, spontaneously and mysteriously yet ever exact and perfectly full of pretty imperfections that create the tapestry of vast diversity among unity.

Instead of being proud of our “good” qualities, and shameful for our “bad”.

We should consider being less boastful about our “good” qualities and more humble.

And more proud and open about our “bad” ones.

(Reminding each one there is no such thing as “good or “bad”, for that definition varies with each single being among the infinite beings in the entire universe, and when that is seen the very illusion of “good” and “bad” is seen through, it is all a matter of what belief you choose to believe. Belief is always an illusion for it is not what is, but a thought about what is, belief is choosing to know something as being an absolute fact and that specific thing you believe it to be. BUT all that you can know is what is “HERE RIGHT NOW” and things are never just one thing but in everything is everything and in each thing someone else sees other things, truth is not a thing or a fact or a statement or judgment, it is what we are and what everything is and when we discover that truth then in all things we will see the unity of that one truth shining through every aspect of creation yet also seeing all the diversity that the truth can appear in)

True beauty lies in the perfection of imperfection.

I have not seen a single tree or flower who was perfect in its entirety, who was without scar or blemish, I have never seen a rose who bloomed perfectly at all times. Yet in all these things their beauty and perfection lies not in their lack of scars and bad qualities but the perfect balance of both.

The rose has thorns and is proud of them, even if many a person has cursed those thorns and wished themselves thorn-less roses that are more beautiful in their eyes cause they are too fixated on the tiny prick they cause from not being able to be patient enough and handle her accordingly.

Yet the rose embraces her thorns and stands tall and proudly, it doesn’t prefer its roots to its flower nor its flower more than its thorns. It is proud of all its qualities in equal measure and not ashamed, and in that state shines with the utmost beauty and gives forth the most beautiful fragrance.

Even more accurate to say that the rose is neither proud nor ashamed of its qualities but accepting of its totality as it is and loves itself as it is without judgment or any sense of lack or striving to become more or different.

A rose was given all its qualities for a purpose and reason and it never needed to understand those reasons. We breed thorn-less roses but leave her in the wild and she’ll be eaten fast by many animals.

We are each perfect as we are, there is no need to change anything, and when the will for change is dropped, the natural growth and change that was intended to happen can take place finally without resistance.

No longer anything to do, but simply be the truth of oneself every moment no matter what that means. There stops living life in reflection and begins living life in now.

When we live all our lives trying to become something, we live life seeing nothing but a reflection of the image we hold on of ourselves as we think to be and wish to be. We will do everything to find a stable image or at least keep that image stable in the eyes of others. But living life in reflection is being so self-centered and fixated on oneself and the change one needs to be and do, that one is the same as narcissus who wakes up every morning to look at his reflection in the lake just to one day lean over too far and fall in and drown.

We do the same we live our entire life in reflection of the image we hold and try to create, and no longer live in the present and reality of the here and now
In its beauty, ferocity, imperfection, simplicity, humanness, in its chaos and in its order, in its sheer physicality instead of searching escape in spirituality.

Existence is already divine! It needs not perfecting, it is us that are being shown the ever present perfection in ever more clarity and infinity as it already is with all its imperfections.

Life is a game, a dance, a playing, a joke, it is not serious, nor striving, nor ethical. It is wild and ferocious yet at the same time loving and wise. It is terrifying and magnificent one HELL of a RIDE!!

But in striving, ignorance and wanting change, thats when a Ride through Hell it begins to seem.

For only in paradise can you have one hell of a ride of such magnificent beauty in such ambiguity and paradox yet lovingly combined.

When we live in our reflection and in the image we strive to be, we are a slave to our reflection and the reflection we wish to be and to many ideas, people and concepts in life, whatever keeps the preferred current image alive or promises the result of the wished for reflection.

But when we choose to simply be, we finally step into the master that we already are, free from deception we then are, unpredictable, wild, like nature we then are.

And people fear the unpredictability and wildness of nature. Control, Deception, Manipulation,Predictability and False order is what is birthed from that fear.

This last rose  is special from all these photos, if you look closely you will see that she is a mutation, this kind of growth is seen as not beautiful and a bad quality for a rose.  She has two centers in the same flower opening. The 2 white circles of petals on the inside, there should be only 1. Yet I find her absolutely gorgeous, and she smells divinely fabulous and fruity.

All the photos in this article are roses from my garden that I planted myself. My precious beauties. Each one unique and equally divine..

In the slavery of our ego/ reflection/image there are only the things one loves because one likes them and the things one hates because one doesn’t like them. There is only struggle and conflict. There is ever more to fix and fight for. One is ready to hate for what one loves. And what one hates is what usually needs to be loved the most. This is Duality living in Duality.

In the freedom of being there remains but only love and gratitude and appreciation for the things you like and the things you don’t like. For the Good and the Bad. For the Big and the Small. For those that fight as if your enemies against you and for those you love personally. The bitter and the sweet. The salty and sour. The dark and the light. The day and the night. The sun and the moon. Love dancing as ONE in the infinities of “ONEasandisTWO” or “(-1)+(+1)=0” or symbolically ying/yang. One as two becomes the zero, the circle of life. 0 is not an absolute void, but the unity of the negative and positive polarities of ONE which appears as a divine couple, the 1 is hence also 2.  This is Unity in sacred union and embrace with Duality.

A world of Buddhas believing they are not. Searching for the very thing they already are. How can they not see it is the Buddha himself that is searching himself, in delusion believing he’s not and that his belief in the word Buddha and his idea of it is what has created the very delusional knot?

For once a Buddha believes anything he’s already been got. A spell immediately then is cast, one eye splits in two of fleshy glass, and suddenly he is looking for, the very thing he is looking from.

Believers in Paradise waiting in hope and fear for Death to finally make them Rise into another world and another life which they believe then to be paradise.
How can it be that they don’t notice and how is it that they can not see,
that they already are alive-living and in paradise are born already?


Much love to you all;
Amithabha the Ravenking

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