“Inspiring Darkness” to “Exhaling Light”.

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Sometimes we feel we are riding on a wave of darkness or depression and try to fight it.
But It is when we ride that wave without resistance allowing ourselves to feel the pain, that when we express it, put it on paper, make music, some form of art, we learn to transform that feeling that depression into a work of beauty.

Songs with melancholy, sadness, anger, frustration, depression speak to us at a much deeper level, for they are made from a feeling heart imbued with no resistance or judgment for the feeling, yet by allowing the vulnerability, creates the fuel to work that darkness into a beautiful creation.

It becomes our inspiration. We inspire darkness to exhale light

It is a beautiful essence when experienced.

And life becomes a series of imperfect moments, so that we may find a perfect response to each.

That is tasting our true creative powers.

We are the perfection enjoying a world of imperfections without creative-end in expressing a resolution to each “imperfect” moment.

If we had but “perfect” moments there would be no thrill or joy in living life. Paradise and Ultimate perfection needs no creators and living beings. it would be a machine ever revolving around itself.

Hence the greatest perfection of this universe is its perfect proportion of imperfection.
And since we are each perfect it is not something we need to strive for, but something we allows ourselves to be.

And we will always feel the resolution for each moment in our hearts.

Whether that be an action, no action, an expression or silence.

We sometimes seem to be stuck in wishing for the perfect world to create in. But we don’t realize that we are not part-time creators creating “something” we are full time creators, inspired by imperfect moments one after the other requiring our full participation and asking us to create with it.

Sometimes we will create “something” out of nothing, sometimes we will create “nothing” out of something.
Sometimes we will create “expression” out of silence and Sometimes we will create “silence” among all the noise.

-Amithabha Raven


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