Love is like an ever-blooming flower

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Love is like an ever-blooming flower.

It does not compare. It does not judge wrong or right. It has no reasons. It does not have contracts.
Love does not know distance. Love does not catch a bird and tries to hold it tight. Love lets everything fly freely. Love is freedom.
Love does not pluck a flower to own it. It appreciates it’s presence. Love is Presence.

Love is the sun that shines through us all. Just by being alive – no conditions needed.
Love is acceptance. Love is true. Love is endless. Love is patient. Love is not waiting. Love is nowhere to find, it can not be created. Love is union. It doesn’t know separation. It is Oneness.
Love does not exist more above or below. It is not planning the future. Love is appreciating the moment.

Love is alive. Love is ever-present. Love is life. Love is.
Even in moments you don’t want it. Even if you distract yourself – it is. You are.

Love has not an eye on specific persons. Love is universal. It is beyond concepts and definitions. Love is beyond the physical. Love is beyond death. You can not touch or see it the way you imagine it. Once you open your heart – everything becomes alive again. It is beyond words. Love is like an ever-blooming flower. So are you. You are Love.


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