What does it mean to be totally honest with yourself?

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Being honest, is letting go of all inner fights.
It is taking time to dive in, and feel every moment what feels right.
‘Right’ not in terms of what is generally believed as good, but what your heart confirms.
It is not to believe anything, no matter who says it, unless your own experience affirms.
Even if it means that sometimes you’ll have to admit ‘you don’t know’.
Setting yourself free by simply letting go.

Being honest, is letting go of concepts of the mind.
Even the subtlest belief that if you act like this or that wouldn’t be kind.
It doesn’t mean you don’t care about others.
Deeply in love we recognize we’re all sisters and brothers.
How could your mind know, better than your heart, how to treat your beloved ones?
When your precious heart wishes for everyone to recognize their own crowns?!

Being honest is letting go of control.
Just knowing you are already whole.
There is nothing to achieve, no goal to attain,
Only this moment where you can choose between gratitude or pain.
Everything in nature just surrenders to life
What about you, can you say bye to the strife?

Being honest is entering an unpredictable and unfamiliar space
It’s letting go of patterns, chains, needs of confirmation… the innocent beauty of grace!
It may seem surprising or even crazy at times, surely the boredom of normality will disappear
Suddenly those around will feel the longing of an adventure and drop all the fear
So, we come unapologizing back to ourselves with courage and trust
At some point your passion and heart calls ‘that’s a must’.

Being honest is opening your heart
Your life transforms into a unique piece of art
It is welcoming every feeling, without judgements on yourself or others
And sharing the magic of reality in acceptance and gratefulness of all its colors.
Remembering that we don’t know when we’ll die, our expression in this body has a limit
But how beautiful the courage of living wholehearted and honest – just jump in it.


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