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PUBLIC Global Tarot Reading. Forecast for the next 3 days, 19th Aug-22nd Aug by RAVENKING

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So we come to our 2nd Global Reading, again this reading is valid for the next 3 days, I wish to note that especially during the first day we can expect the previous reading to intersect with this one, as the remnants of the energies from the previous fade into the emerging energies of this next reading.

Again like last time the layout is 2 cards, the first card representing the dominant positive polarity of the next 3 days and the second representing the dominant negative polarity.

XIII Death

A dark and ominous card at first glance, but this is only because in our society we have learned to fear death and praise life. We do not realize that both of these extremes deserve respect and recognition. And are both equally beautiful and necessary if we wish to experience, growth, evolution, transformation or metamorphosis. These things can not exist without death. For every new transformation necessitates a process of dying to initiate change.

At night we allow that which does not carry value for us to die with the day, so when we wake up in the morning we can pick up with renewed vigor to handle the things we value.

A caterpillar must accept the death it experiences in its cocoon, so that it might taste the rebirth as a butterfly.
If we resist death or even fear it, we might not realize how we tend to become stagnant in our own selves. How we carry old behaviors and definitions about our-self which no longer are really true for us and have long deserved to die, so that we might have a chance to reinvent ourselves new and to relight our inner flame with new passions and interests.

In relation to the previous reading which had a very dominant introspective and critical energy directed towards our own self, this card represents the ability to allow those parts to die that no longer serve us and to enter into the cocoon of death, which is also the realm of dreaming, where we might enter the darkness to dream a new emergence into the light for our own self.

Darkness and Light are not enemies of one another. And Darkness is not the home of evil. It is just that evil is followed by darkness because the one doing evil only does so because he has never dared face his own darkness without judgment head on. Evil is not of Darkness or Light, it is the inability to reconcile and face both with full awareness that leads to Evil.

Good is not of Light or Darkness. Goodness is born from the ability to face both Darkness and Light without judgment fully to their core and with full awareness.

We must fall in love with Life and with Death. There we will gain the power of transformation. And realize that Death is but the greatest loving act of kindness that Life could ever bestow, for it is the eternal cocoon of rebirth for ever more extravagant transformations.

I always suggest a couple of question that you can meditate on to work deeper with this reading and how to align yourself the next 3 days to resonate in a productive manner with these energies.

**What am I doing, or what habit do I have that is no longer serving me? What aspects in my life am I keeping alive as if it were on life-support?What are the Routines, Relationships, Work, Ideas, Dreams that I no longer feel passionate about?**

**If I could dream myself anew what would I change? What are my dreams and wishes today, what am I passionate about today? What am I pretending to be passionate about? What would I change about where I am heading in life, and what would I dream instead as a change of direction?**

Let us move on to the 2nd Card. This is the dominant negative polarity for the next 3 days, it will point at what aspects if left ignored might pose resistance or act as obstacle

**2 of Wands**

A description of the image:
**If you wish to understand and know paradise you must first dare to understand and face hell.**

Very interesting how this goes so fitting to the first card and the previous reading. One can clearly see a certain theme developing at the moment. This card represents in its purest form the archetype of “Achievement”. but in a more precise manner it represents dominion over your demons and shadows.

What I see it symbolizing here is again a reminder that it is our fear of darkness that is the root cause of evil actions within us. It is the fear of our own shadows that is the cause of our feeling of unworthiness within us. Most of us know we have shadows and demons in us that we keep secret even behind the most innocent of personalities and appearances. But these shadows only turn into demons when we hide them and ignore them and suppress them from the outside world.

I would say that the coming days might pose a challenge for those not willing to face their own shadows, or at the very least be uncomfortable. But if you dare to be honest, truthful and brave! Then allow your shadow to come forward, dare to see it and dare to act it out if it is perhaps truthful/appropriate . Sometimes our shadow is our ally and not our enemy. We are dual beings, we possess the wildness of nature within us, and that force is neither good nor evil. An example would be perhaps you work at a job where your boss and coworkers have been abusing you or misusing you, yet you want to be a good person so you bite your teeth together and never say anything against your abuse. That anger if you allowed yourself to express it towards those abusing you, and to say what you are thinking, and speak your truth would be helpful and might solve/change your situation. But if left suppressed then maybe one day your child comes home from school and has a bad grade: You are not really angry at him but angry at your work, but since you feel safe, you get angry with him even though he doesn’t deserve it, so your anger has turned into poison and is now destroying things in your life you wish to keep alive and healthy.

Our shadow is not evil, if we do not fear it, it is the aspect that guards our power for when we need it. It is a mothers ability to defend her young, it is the revolutionary taking a stand against tyranny. It is voice of courage defending those without a voice.

A true hero is not a being of rainbow and light. A True Hero is both Monster and Divinity combined and most of all he is a messenger of truth.

Questions to ask yourself to work with this card:

**What are aspects of myself that I view as being bad? What are the aspects about myself that I suppress?
When I am angry or annoyed do I dare speak it out?
Or do I wait until I am so annoyed and angry that I only speak it out when I explode from keeping it in for so long?**

**What would happen if I had the courage to be both my good and my bad sides honestly and openly?
How often are you having a bad day and when someone asks how you are, choose to say you are great or doing good?**

Truth begins not in speaking some smart fact or truth.
But by being truthful and aligned in our thoughts, actions, words and feelings.
Truth begins when we decide no longer to follow the lie of a necessary lie.
Truth begins when you can be both your good and bad without trying to hide any of it.

So I hope you enjoy this series and leave me any feedback if you wish or if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments, I will definitely be happy to answer!


Much Love,

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