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Ravenking’s 3 Day Forecasts – 3rd Edition Public Global Tarot Reading. Valid from 23rd Aug until 26 Aug

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So we come to our 3rd Global Reading, again this reading is valid for the next 3 days, I wish to note that especially during the first day we can expect the previous reading to intersect with this one, as the remnants of the energies from the previous fade into the emerging energies of this next reading.

Again like last time the layout is 2 cards, the first card representing the dominant positive polarity of the next 3 days and the second representing the dominant negative polarity.

So lets get on to the reading:

IX The Hermit

The Imagery of the card is subtle but contained in its symbolic layers lies its mysterious meaning . Hidden just as the answers waiting to be revealed by retreating from the world and entering within yourself.

The moon acts as the central archetype of this card, since it is symbolic of our subconscious and inner worlds.
The night is in relation to darkness, and the darkness here is that of the unknown mysteries lying dormant/asleep within your own self, just waiting for a moment of pause and retreat, to allow silence to enter your mind, and to ask your question and allow patiently an answer to come. Do not answer yourself, allow silence to swallow you first with your question. In that space answers will come that might surprise you.

This silence is the bridge between worlds. Inner and Outer. Just as the man standing on the small bridge just below the moon. This turning within, is the bridge you must walk upon or walk into, to access what lies hidden within you. Whatever you retrieve you bring with you back into the light of day or in other words into your consciousness and daily life as empowerment, guidance, direction, meaning, authenticity.

From the Womb of Death we enter into the Womb of Life. In the previous reading Death was the dominant archetype. It was a facing of what really needs to be let go, weeded out, removed or allowed to die within oneself and ones life. It was about dying and realizing that Death is but the entrance into the first dimension of the womb of rebirth. The Hermit symbolizes the second.

Especially here in Europe fall/autumn is coming steadily closer and the smell of it lingers in the air on some days when it is cooler. You should consider to use the next 3 days to retreat from too many social engagements and to find some real time to just be with yourself. Allow yourself and all your mind-chatter to just come to a pause. Allow yourself the space that for the time you can spare to set aside, to let go of all thoughts, and to really listen within. This card is a reminder that if we wish to be able to communicate with others, we must realize we must first be able to communicate with ourself. The Hermit does not retreat to vanish out of society, he retreats for the necessary amount of time to learn how to be with himself and to know himself fully before he enters back into the fray of life, renewed, aligned, clear, authentic, individual.

Questions to ask yourself and tips how to work with this card:

Where do I encounter the same misunderstandings over and over again with others? What if the source of them is my lack of clarity in my communication? What if that comes from a lack of communication with my self?
What if I jumped off my daily-thought train just for a moment? What If I asked myself the questions I wish to have answered and remained silent with them not trying to think the answer into being? What if I just kept the question in my awareness yet directed at myself and waited patiently in silence, until an answer begins forming by itself?

What if I could reveal to myself the answer to every question I had? What if indeed that were true? Is it worth finding out?

Silence is silent for it doesn’t want to spill the beans to those not really looking and ignoring him. So if you listened to Silence offering him your question, then as you listen out of nowhere silence in turn will give an answer to you.

Let us move on to the 2nd Card. This is the dominant negative polarity for the next 3 days, it will point at what aspects if left ignored might pose resistance or act as obstacle:

Ten of Pentacles

This points to taking a step back and not starting any earth-moving endeavors in the next 3 days. Whatever you are working on keep cultivating it and caring for it, projects that are being actively worked on, plans that are currently in action etc.

But do not start anything completely new within this time period ideally. If the things you are involved with at the moment were things you put actual hard work into, you can even reap and enjoy the fruits of that labor. Enjoy the harvest. But do not start the act of planting new seeds just now. Again this is fitting with the Hermit his message to us. Retreat slightly, re-align, gain clarity, gain new perspective. Not a time for great action.

Some more Tips to work with this reading:

This reading is valid for the next 3 days that means it falls into the w-end which is ideal for this. So if you can, try to make it a quiet one, where you retreat and spend some quality alone time with yourself.
And by that I mean put aside some time, to turn off all electronics and go sit in your garden or prepare yourself a bath or turn your room into a small comfy hermits cave with candles and incense! Or all of these. And finally Relax!! Tune into yourself and offer the questions you wish most answered to the inner silence. Listen and trust and be honest to yourself.

I drew a Bonus Card for this Report from one of my Power-Animal Decks.

And it is so appropriately fitting to the entire reading, I always marvel at the synchronicities that pop up when drawing the cards.

The Power Animal for the next 3 days guiding us if we wish is “The Bear”.

He represents Boundaries. Holding steadfast. Knowing our Limits. Drawing the Line. To be who you really are meant to be means being clear about who you are and most importantly who you are NOT.
He represents the ability to say “NO” and teaches us that it is only when we learn how to clearly say “NO”. That we learn how to say “YES” in a clear powerful manner.

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Much Love,

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