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Ravenking’s 3 Day Forecasts- 4th Edition Public Global Tarot Reading. Valid from 27th Aug until 30th Aug

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Public Global Tarot Reading

So we come to our 4th Global Reading, again this reading is valid for the next 3 days, I wish to note that especially during the first day we can expect the previous reading to intersect with this one, as the remnants of the energies from the previous fade into the emerging energies of this next reading.

Again like last time the layout is 2 cards, the first card representing the dominant positive polarity of the next 3 days and the second representing the dominant negative polarity.

So lets get on to the reading:

Queen of Cups

The Image of this card burns bright red with the element of fire even though we find ourselves in the suit of cups which usually represents the element of water. But exactly this clashing of both elements reveals to us what this card is about. In the field of emotions the one that burns with such a beautiful vibrant red is “Passion”.
Passion is a Coupling and Marriage between Water and Fire.
It is a creative force and a trans-muter. It has the capacity to transform scratches and pain into nurturing caresses and the ability to transmute steel chains into flowers.
It transcends fear.

In relation to the next 3 days, this card is highlighting an opportunity to use our emotions and feelings, our fears and struggles that we keep to ourselves as the very things to become passionate about and to transmute them by expressing these darker thoughts, fears, limitations or feelings of unworthiness. Daring to paint them on a canvas, write them down in poetry, express them vulnerably in a sketch, short story, a post or with a friend/stranger even.

Not merely superficially, but honestly/authentically or turn it into living raw art. Express the feelings that are your own, the hidden emotions, both dark and good as wood and fuel to ignite your passion/creativity and to transcend your fears!

How to work with this card, questions you can ask yourself:

What are the emotions or feelings I try to avoid? What are the thoughts and beliefs I hold about myself that see me as lacking, unworthy, bad, not good enough? What are the dark corners of my being that I try to stay away from?

What if I dared express these aspects in some form of art or poetry? What if I dared venture into them instead of seeing them as wrong? Seeing them holding the potential that if I look at them closely. they enough would fall apart?

What if sharing my pain, allows another do so as well? What if it helped another let go of the same pain by doing so?

What if we shared our own shortcomings openly, just to realize there is nobody out there who feels he has none? We only judge having them cause we compare ourselves to everyone else, thinking they have none. So is allowing yourself to be all of your expressions not more liberating ,than hiding like everyone else behind a facade of false perfection?

Every seed of evil is born from the conscious choice to be dishonest with ourselves. 99% of the World lives a lie day in and day out. It takes great courage to admit this to oneself, and very few dare to do so.

Lying is not merely the Lie about something, it is also when someone asks you “how you are feeling” and you reply “Great” even though in truth the answer would be “at the edge of despair or just shitty today”.

Lying is every white lie we use, every excuse we have not to be who we want to be. It is every reason we find not to tell the truth of the moment.

Even the excuse we tell ourselves that we don’t know the TRUTH or the bigger lie that we will know it when we find it. You always know the truth, we just never choose to acknowledge it, since who will know if we lied or told the truth? You do, and no matter how small the lie, every lie you speak gives you a feeling of weakness within.

Every truth you dare to speak returns back a little bit of your long lost strength. Even a shitty emotion or feeling spoken out honestly has more impact than a lie about how great you feel.

So lets move on to the next card.

VI of Pentacles

This card represents Honesty and Goodness. which continues the theme from above, but it highlights a specific aspect by being known as the “Honey of the Shadows”. This is a beautiful description since it represents the fact that those things that we view as our inner shadow and monsters when expressed in an honest manner actually have a sweet quality to them, radiating goodness. When I own my feelings, whether dark or light, and can be truthfully the entirety of my being, that is alignment and power. It has no equals to it in strength. Yet the only path leading to it is absolute and brutal honesty with oneself and the world.
It takes a very special kind of conviction and courage to become that in this world, yet no one is less able to reach it than another, since it is already what you are in the deepest of depths in your being. You are Truth and the Knower of it. Yet despite that you choose to be Lie! never knowing or speaking Truth, every word hissed with a forked tongue.

Each and everyone of us has to confront this personally. There is no judgment if someone chooses not to become the Truth they were born to be. We all lived our life in the same manner at some point, living a life of excuses, white lies, superficiality and empty words without any substance or meaning. A liar will never feel worthy, no matter how much meaning he seeks. For the truth is you are the meaning you are seeking, and seeking it is simply lying to yourself, pretending not to have it.

What would happen if were brutally honest? What if I finally dared tell my spouse, mother or best friend,that I hate that dish they make every-time for me, even though I’ve lied and said it is my favorite?
What if I just stopped pretending I feel super great and actually allowed myself to feel shitty sometimes instead of hiding it?
What would happen if I stopped lying for all the reasons that I’ve been told it is okay to lie?
What if I told the truth no matter how uncomfortable every single time?
And what if when I failed to tell the truth and noticed myself lying, I would admit the lie straight away and correct it with the truth?

We are all serial liars on so many levels, some more to themselves than others, and some more to others than themselves. But never one without the other.
It is quite a fist to the face when one realizes the severity at which one has learned to live ones life by constantly lying in so many subtle ways and one realizes how little one actually speaks the truth or wishes to see it.

I drew a Bonus Card for this Report from one of my Power-Animal Decks.

The Racoon

The Power Animal for the next 3 days guiding us if we wish is “The Racoon”.

He represents that you have everything you need. There are no excuses to be made anymore. You have all the tools you need. You must trust that what you need will be given to you as soon as you really need it. Do what it is you can today, do not worry about tomorrow or the things you can’t control anyway at the moment. Focus on what you have and know it is enough to get the job done. You already have yourself and if you can take the lessons that the previous cards might teach you to heart, then this will also be realized rather swiftly: “That your self is all you need, aligned honest and brave”.

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Much Love,

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