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Ravenking’s 3 Day Forecasts- Weather Service for the Soul(Tarot Reading). Valid from 4th of September until 7th of Sept.

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Public Global Tarot Reading

We arrive at our our 6th Global Reading, again this reading is valid for the next 3 days, I wish to note that especially during the first day we can expect the previous reading to intersect with this one, as the remnants of the energies from the previous fade into the emerging energies of this next reading.

Again like last time the layout is 2 cards, the first card representing the dominant positive polarity of the next 3 days and the second representing the dominant negative polarity.

So lets get on to the reading:


XVIII The Moon

This is our dominant positive polarity for the next 3 days. A very intriguing card especially when she falls in a positive context. This signals a time in which it is would be beneficial to dare venture into the unknown and unpredictable. It is an entirely other-world from that which we confront in the comfort of day or that which is known to us .

It is a beautiful and enchanting world, yet it is also fraught with daunting dangers. You can easily become distracted when you travel through this realm, by fantasies, lead astray by shiny thoughts whose glitter is but fake gold playing around with you. If you remain vigilant though, experiencing this world behind the scenes of sunlit reality is a true honor and blessing.
The Moon’s realm is one that is the source of mingled dark and light and many hidden unknowns. And these are her gift to us.

Enter within your inner moon realm, dare to venture into the unknown and that which goes beyond your comfort. Explore the hidden unknowns she hides. She represents giving sense a break and entering into a mad world where all is possible.

The ecstatic visions of psychedelics, the revelations in deep trance induced by drumming, being captured by ideas. Some are loving fairies bringing gifts, some are glittering demons and will’o’the wisps leading astray.

She represents the mask that is put on to no longer need to wear a mask. She is the truth that emerges when a mask is put on. And when the inner mask put on to tell our lies in the light of day is removed.

The Outer Decorative Mask is worn in shamanic traditions and magic so as to remove the Inner Mask and allow it to play in the Outer World.

For we generally wear an Inner Mask when the Outer Mask is removed in fear of being exposed or judged for the truth of ones soul.

We can use the Outer Mask to get nearer to our Inner Self. But ideally to drop all masks when the lesson is learned.

That Inner Self is divinity itself and doesn’t need to hide ever for fear of judgment or shame.

Dark and Light become coupled, married And blaze Truth forth out into the world instead of Battling each other.

We move now to our next card:


Page of Pentacles

This is the negative dominant polarity for the next 3 Days and it warns us that the dreams of opportunity and great visions are true, BUT when a vision is born we are handed a spark of potential, a burst of passion and energy, and it is not up to the vision to fulfill itself just because you want it to. It necessitates you cultivating that spark into a fire, nobody can do that for you, nobody will fuel that fire for you, you need to fuel it yourself. Many men are inspired by great visions, yet very few realize them. For they get the spark but just let it burn out by never fueling it and actually doing what it takes to bring it into the world as a manifestation into reality. There is no secret trick, or magic spell. If you’ve got a spark, then it is up to each individual what they do with it, they must nurture it using skills and resources at hand. Otherwise it will just sputter and burn out.

The page represent the need to be trustworthy, diligent, studious and to embrace the fact that you need to learn whatever is necessary to birth your spark into a star. The page is ever open to learning more, she never feels she knows it all. And that is the root of her success. She is practical, down to earth, someone who reflects before acting when birthing a vision. Yet at the same time being fearless and embracing the world and also its physical enjoyment. A lighthearted being, joyous, in symbiosis with all life around her.

If you do not the put the work into a vision do not be disappointed when it fails.

If your vision is not going the way it should because of “others”. You must realize that no other can be responsible for your vision being birthed nor stand in its way, only YOU.

The vision you choose to wish to birth is your choice alone and your spark alone, that spark either you fuel or let burn out and die through excuses , lies or laziness pouring literally water on that flame.

A house in order will stand and grow, a house corrupted will crumble either fast or slow.

You are already the answer to the deepest question in your heart!

At the same time you are also the obstacle that doesn’t let that truth shine, holding it in like as if it were a stinky fart.

It is always ones own choice. We make ourself into a hero, not others. We also make ourself into a fool, not others.

If the moon has given you a vision or gives you one the next 3 days, don’t kill the vision by just letting that spark die out never ever being birthed into the light of day or have a chance to illuminate the night by its bonfire sway!

Much Love,

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