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Since early childhood, people want to make you understand that you have to have a reason for everything. An intellectual reason to act, to make choices and to love. They ask you: ‘why why why?’, and if you have no answer to it, you are wrong. Can you remember how you said as a child: ‘just because!’ And someone answered ‘but you have to have a reason!’. Falling into the trap of believing you need a reason is an underestimated danger. If we start to love something for a reason, to do things for a reason and take actions and decisions with an intellectual explanation to it. Where is the unconditional love? Where is our deep trust in our inner wisdom? When you’re feeling something in the heart, there is no need to understand it with thoughts, words or concepts.

But too often we love somebody/something for a reason: ‘I love her because she is my sister’ ‘love him because he’s so nice to me’, ‘love this flower because it has my favorite color’, ‘love this job because I get lots of money’, ‘love this car because it’s fast’, ‘love these clothes because it’s fashion’, ‘love this country because I’m born here’, ‘love to draw, because I’m an artist’, ‘love to pray because it helps me feel secure’, ‘love my dog because he’s always there for me’, ‘love to do sports to get fit/sexy’, ‘love to read because it gives me knowledge’, …

What if you would just let go of all the explanations, and just live in the moment?
Can you love without a reason? Can you feel your heart beat for something without trying to figure out why?
Can you let go of the concepts of right and wrong?
Can you stop calculating the reasons or actions, knowing that things’ll never be as calculated. Life has it’s own surprises, and it is up to you – either to resist and hold on to your intellectual ideas/limitations OR to go with the flow of life. Let go of all this tension and control and embrace the present. Your presence, your self, your relaxed nature feels in every moment what is required. Even if it doesn’t match your logical concepts, follow your heart.

A child may seem naive to you, because it doesn’t have a logical reason for everything, but have you ever noticed how they are in harmony with nature, how they are in love with life, how they are happiness itself, how they are artists without even knowing it, how they have trust in themselves, how they laugh when they look into the mirror, how they don’t take anything too serious, how they play with love and appreciation, how they perceive everything and everyone as a miracle?

When you just let life happen in following your heart, you open doors which you never could have imagined opening with your mind, here you finally go beyond the known. It may seem scary, but it’s only frightening to your intellectual mind.
Let’s go into the unknown and discover the mysteries ,hidden away behind a veil by your ego. Discover the present beyond every concept, just by BEING.

– Sharudatti

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