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Ravenking – Magician, Musician and Artist, Introduction

Dear Visitor and fellow Steemian,

I wish you welcome on my page!

I go by the nickname of Ravenking the Fool and I am of Icelandic and Persian Descent. I was born and still live in Luxembourg.

The Body I dwell in has the young and delicious age of 27 and accommodates my ageless mad self quite extraordinarily well.

I am a multifaceted sorcerer of the many forms of the mystical ARTS! Musician, Writer, Poet, Magician, Silversmith, Painter, Amateur Herbalist and much more.

My love for the mystic arts and the deeper depths of reality have followed me all throughout my life. Western and Eastern Occult Traditions, Shamanism, Chaos Magick, Egyptian Traditions and Indian Traditions have been where my main focus of study has been over the years.

This Journey of Self-Discovery has with time opened a great need to become creative and to express the ineffable that has been experienced along the path. This has made me turn to music and writing as one of my main tools of inner work and creative play. Which is why much of the content I share will be mostly focused in the beginning on my musical creations, personal writings and art.

My own roots have left space for great joy and pleasure in exploring:
-Sufism with such works like those of Rumi, Hafez
-the Norse Traditions, especially relating to Icelandic Folklore&Myths and Norse Sorcery such as “Seidr”.
A strange mix of Fire Loving Ice, Ice Loving Fire.

As well as many great minds from all over the world such as Manly P.Hall, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Tolkien, Carl Jung, Nietzsche, Robert Anton Wilson, Paracelsus, Dr.Christian Rätsch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Paulo Coelho, and many more have followed me deeper and still follow me in my everlasting explorations of life and death.

I have also published a book, which is a compilation of my own poems and essays! You can find more info about that here:

You will find with time my page will begin to diversify into the different categories of my work and play.

I will be sharing:

-My own musical creations, Original tracks, Live Jams etc.

-My own writings. Poems, Texts, Discourses and Essays.

-Planning to also include some plant medicine tutorials in time. (Making Tinctures, Distilling Essential Oils, Making Perfume, Brewing Beer and Fruit Wine)

-I also have taught myself how to silversmith, so I might share some of my creations and if there is enough interest make a few videos about the process and how I work.

-I will also offer my serives as Tarot Reader and will offer readings online for those interested, I will post my prices and options in a seperate post to this one. But will also be sharing Free Weekly/Daily Tarot Readings for everyone in my posts.

-Otherwise I also have a large variety of roses that I grow in my small garden space and have been getting into beekeeping and will most likely share about that too in time.

-I am also a music promoter and curator, so if you are a musician looking for exposure don’t shy away from contacting me. I do not charge any fees for advertising your stuff as long it is quality material. I promote on Steemit, Tumblr, Facebook and here. Resteem and Upvote different musicians for free that I discover and I can also write a written review of your music or art.

Check out my bandcamp page if you are interested:

My Steemit Presence

Finally I have setup my steemit in 3 different accounts to accomodate the different categories into a seperate account.

@mysticravenpro is one I have dedicated to Promoting and Curating Music Posts by new Artists that are starting out on steem and have very little exposure, I also offer artists both on steem and off steem to write reviews about their tracks or albums, to help them get more exposure as well. I charge no fees for this service, Although I do accept donations of any form to support me and my work.

Under @Ravenking13 I will be focusing on posting more of my musical creations! Blogs and vlogs related to my music production will be posted here. As well as any new Tracks, Albums, Projects I work on.

Under @Ravenking23 I will be discussing most of the other topics that are part of my interests, I will be posting my poems, texts, writings, art, paintings, magical/spiritual/esoteric related topics in here and also my tarot related posts.

@Ravenking, is a retired account cause I managed to corrupt and lose my OwnerKey in process of saving the account Keys at creation.@Ravenking23 is the replacement account for that one.

So finally that is all about me that I can think of sharing for now in this Intro Post. Feel free to ask me any questions if you want to know more about anything, I will end the article with some photos of myself and at the end you will find added all of the links to my different Websites and Social Media Platforms.

Much Love to all of you,

Finally you can find out more about me by visiting my different platforms:

Steemit Music PromoCurator Blog
Steemit Music Blog @Ravenking13
Steemit ART/Magic Blog @Ravenking
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel2
Facebook Profile
Private Website