M(ater) T(erra)

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In love with mysteries,
Enchanted by the wildness of nature,
Playful to enter the game of life,
Passionate going into depth,
Curious finding a way through freedom and independence,
Fascinated about creating with our hands and flying through the unseen,
Here am I ready for the adventure!

The name ‘Mater Terra‘ comes from ‘Terra Mater’ which means ‘Mother Earth‘. I changed the order of the name, for different reasons: one of them is because I sometimes like changing order to see other perspectives and an other is because I sign with ‘M.T‘ on my paintings (which are my initials from my birth name).

Actually I’ve never been into art schools and I’ve often heard from my english-teachers that my English is bad, so just to let you know that everything I share is self-taught. I recognize that skills and techniques are important, but I believe that our uniqueness should be expressed in our own creative flow. That’s a space where we stop judging ourselves badly, open up to new ways, perspectives, ideas and take the courage to practice doing what we are passionate about.

As an occupational therapist I work with children of all ages, encouraging them to go beyond any limitations and to find their autonomy and independence in daily life through different activities. I believe that everybody can ‘heal’ by doing what they love.

Since I’m curious about discovering a lot of different/new things, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions, give tips and feedback about my posts, writings and art.

If you are on steemit check out: https://steemit.com/@materterra

Thank youuuu,

Much love,