Spells for Casting Light And Shadow.

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I AM, The Eternal Torch of Light Everlasting.

I AM, The Infinite Night and Void All Outlasting.

I AM. Love Ineffable No Judgment Ever Casting.
Love casts no light where there is meant to be shadow and casts no shadow where there is meant to be light. Love casts nothing.

To cast is used also in the context of casting a spell. And when you cast spells or have spells cast on you, they say you are spellbound, mesmerized, enchanted. And to be mesmerized or enchanted implies your perception is no longer perceiving reality, but a distortion of it.

Most people live in Duality wishing to be the light absent of shadows, while thinking themselves to be shadows in search of learning how to cast light.

Non-Duality is the space where one realizes that Light and Shadow are the same force. They are the outer extremities of Love, simply at different points in the spectrum. Just as Hot and Cold are inseparable from one another and both are simply different ends of the spectrum of temperature.

Trying to be only Light is like trying to become only HOT. A universe with only Infinite Heat would just burn itself up. And one with only Cold would freeze over into a complete stop.

You are as such an incarnation of Fire embracing Ice. Light in embrace with Shadow.

Your job is not to become more filled with Light. But to integrate your shadow with acceptance and non-judgment. Together Shadow and Light contain Infinite Power when wielded with Love.

Only by uniting these 3 forces, knowing that Light is the other extremity of Darkness, do we find back to wholeness and balance.
Love is the force that sits in the center of these 2 extremities and balances them out. Love is neither Dark nor Light.

It is the light-less light and shadow-less void.

Striving for the Light, means running from the shadows.
And by thinking we are still in shadows too imperfect to contain enough light, we give away our power.

Inside can’t exist without outside, outside can’t exist without inside. Both seem different but both are properties of Space.

My Self and Another. How to know Yourself without Other? Or know Other without Self?

Would tall be tall if there was no small? Would small be small without tall? And yet both are just A SIZE.

In being only Shadow or only Light we Freeze our Growth.

Striving for being Light, the more you walk in that direction alone, the greater your urge will be to Fight the Shadows.

And those stuck in the shadows will fight against those trying to spread the light.

Light then fights the Shadow, and Shadow then fights the Light,

That is like your left and hand right hand trying to kill each other.
Trying to be one exclusively without the other, is but a handicap trying to live life one-handed.

Ye are gods! Kings and Queens wake up, do not be ashamed of your left or right hand, use them both.

We are both Creators and Destroyers at once. When we ignore or do not wish to accept one of our hands, we either become incapable of creation and with that only spread destruction, or we only try to create without destroying, eating up all resources cause we forgot how to recycle/destroy the old to create space for the new.

And the realization dawns once these 2 sides are accepted:

I am an Angel of Darkness and A Demon of Light with Love as my solid foundation


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