The present of chaos

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Chaos chaos everywhere

Chaos chaos and you stare…
You feel it coming in a big wave
And see that you, the person, is not safe.
Your entire life you thought you would be smart,
But now everything is falling apart.
Overwhelmed noticing that you can not control…
A spicy invitation to remind you that you are already whole!

Who is perceiving the chaos around?
Can you feel the one in silence in the panic-crowd?
What makes you resist the change?
Recognize the challenge is only meant to free you from your cage!

Life gives you the gift of discomfort
To help you let go of limitations of all sort.
Accepting the present, letting go
and trusting the divine flow.
This moment right now
Be honest and aware of your own crown.
It doesn’t make you worse or better
Your happiness won’t depend on the outside weather.
You don’t wait anymore for the sun to shine upon you
Knowing that only from oneness you get a truthful view.

So I sit in chaos with an open heart,
Grateful that everything but True Love is falling apart.


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