Upcoming New Streaming Show! “Distracted Interviews: Play with the Ravenking” Accepting Guest-Requests for the Show

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First of all:
If you are someone interested in joining as guest to the show, you can already let me know now, I am still setting up everything for the stream and testing things out. But I am planning my first regular streams of the show starting September.

The Concept and Idea behind the Show

The idea or concept is to invite each session a guest to the show, where I will interview them while we game together on live stream.

If you are an artist/musician/blogger get in touch with me if interested for then I can prepare a stream where I can include and play some of your music, display you artwork, or post up your links in the stream to whatever it is you are doing!

Everyone is welcome to join though. Anyone wishing to be a part of the show as a guest, whether you are just a casual player wanting to have fun and share a game with me or or if you are someone who would be more interested to have an interview done, so you can get more exposure that way while at the same time engaging in some gaming. You are all welcome to apply to join me in one of my streams!

Which is why the name of the Show was born when thinking about what kind of stream I would like to setup.

“DISTRACTED INTERVIEWS: Play with the Ravenking!”

I have decided for now that the only limitation is that you must be 18+.

You can register with me to become a guest by sending me an email to

or by commenting to this article, or contacting me on discord through my server:


PS. A question to the readers, does anyone know if I can stream to 2 seperate platforms at the same time. Would like to add Dlive.

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If you wish to support me and my work, which would be a tremendous help, then you can also donate through paypal or with cryptos by sending it to one of these adresses! Every little bit helps!

Bitcoin: 1A62ZCLAzYituSTZXzJqaug2bwVYJ3jpHe
Bitcoin Cash: qz2tg39f4ahkgjex6sk7r8wzr7d67gqds5xrsms3gn
Ethereum: 0x695Ba1aAED7FC2B30A759Bc4BBdEa514F74961d3
Litecoin: LfXk52vNdMMqxHFJKFkmWsLJSd1emseH28
BAT: 0x695Ba1aAED7FC2B30A759Bc4BBdEa514F74961d3
DigiByte: DPVfrD3RmuRuo9NvjfbV4vPDTS9tuCdWoU

You can find me on more platforms:
Steemit Blog @Ravenking23
Steemit Blog @Ravenking13

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