We are here right now

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We are here right now
Being honest, we don’t know if there is a tomorrow
So why wait to be life itself
Why wait to be happiness
And remember your deepest passion
Why wait to be true
Why wait to finally let go of your masks
And enjoy the gift of life?

We are here right now
Can’t you see how this is wow
How can you put your joy for later
For an other goal to attain
To recognize yourself as a miracle
Just let go of your masks
And I’ll be there to see you, beauty
I see love shining through your eyes
I see God in you
There is no seperation

We are here right now
There is no room for more lies
Just open your eyes
And start being completely honest with yourself
Being true does not mean supporting expectations or endlessly comforting those around
It’s for you to choose and discover your limitlessness
It is for you to find the miracles and gifts of the present moment
And be in love
No matter what.

– Sharudatti

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