What a gift

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Aquarelle with aquapen – M.T
What a gift to feel deep pain and unconditional love all at once.
What a gift to stand in the mud during storm while holding your heart shining in your hands.
What a gift to feel everyone around you so near, even though everyone feels so separate.

What a gift to see that uniqueness doesn’t equal being alone.
What a gift to know that loneliness can only be destroyed by opening your heart to yourself truly.
What a gift to feel them without thinking it’s all about you.
What a gift to cry for those who can’t cry,
To laugh for those who can’t laugh,
To feel the anger for those who keep themselves blind.

What a gift to feel the chaos in our crazy society and still not being afraid to feel even more in the depth.

What a gift to be ready for death in every moment while being completely in love with life.

What a gift being able to listen in a world where no one really listens.Without judgement, listening with all the cells of your body and depth of your heart.
What a gift not only to listen from person to person, but with the depth of no definitions.
What a gift to have an eagle/owl perspective that doesn’t take the drama personally – without feeling unconcerned.

What a gift to be sensitive and see how much feelings there are to feel. How much tears there are to cry. How much humor and laugh there is, even in the darkest corner of the underworld.

And most of all, how much overwhelming love there is in all of our infinity.
– M.T

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