What do YOU eat?

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-M.T acrylic on canvas
When you feel no separation between
you and nature…
How can you take life for your survival?
How can you bear the death of
an innocent being for your meal?
Why is it easier for you to take life from
a plant than from an animal, when inside
you know there is no difference?
Can you bear the responsibility of being alive?

Can you feel the pain of taking lives? Instead of closing yourself to your feelings about it… instead of looking away and trying to be innocent – can you be honest about the fact that if you want to survive – you are taking lives?
How deep can you feel? Can you feel the pain so deeply that tears are streaming down your face? How hard is it to eat your brothers and sisters?

Sometimes blood flows for you to be alive. And sometimes death isn’t related to blood. Can you be aware that there is no separation between animals, plants and yourself? They are as much aware and alive as you are. Isn’t it shocking how ignorant we are eating our meals? We eat in big quantities like nothing happened. No matter if carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian or vegan – we just eat our diet and look away from what it truly means. We try to find excuses and judge one thing better than another, we judge the death of those less dramatic than the deaths of others. So what to eat when you don’t want to harm anyone?

It’s hard because, if you want to survive you have to eat something.
So there is no other choice than to look death in the eyes.
To feel in depth. Can you cry for the gift of life you get? Can you recognize how precious it is? Can you be ready for death when you are deeply in love with life?
Can you feel deep gratitude and respect for whoever dies – for you to survive?
It’s your responsibility to tell their soul how grateful you are and to bless them with deep love and oneness. To cry in oneness for the life you took.

May you be conscious of what you eat. May your respect be bigger than your hunger. And may you find strength and courage in your aliveness.

How worthy is your life? What do you do in life that is worth taking others lifes? It’s your responsibility to live every moment meaningfully. To be present and aware of your actions. You could never float around like ghosts or work like machines in society with such a responsibility. You could never have an ‘ordinary’ or boring life, when truly aware of what it takes to be alive. To be courageous and go into the deepest depth. To be completely sensitive and totally alive. And have the courage to go beyond the known, go discover the deepest mysteries hidden in the web of life.
– M.T

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